12 awesome tweets that prove you're never bored when you have kids

Basically, kids are amazing.

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  • Having children changes your life in unexpected ways. You'll find yourself exhausted, insane, more happy and fulfilled than ever before, and you will never, ever be bored. In fact, you'll probably spend a lot of time laughing ... even if in hindsight.

  • 1. Love is apparently not all you need

  • 2. Let's call it "management skills"

  • 3. Maybe the natural consequences are enough?

  • 4. Unsanitary? Or immune system building?

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  • 5. Honesty is the best policy

  • 6. Ah, the relaxing sound of children screaming

  • 7. Good at counting, not so much at compliments

  • 8. That does explain quite a bit

  • 9. I prefer trash to, well, throw up in my hands

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  • 10. Dad jokes

  • 11. What's so cool about babies?

  • 12. Wait. Babies don't come from Amazon?

  • The best advice in these parenting moments is to take a picture, write it down and laugh it off. Kids are funny and the antidote to boredom.

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