20 shower thoughts that will mess with your head

Prepare yourself.

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  • 1. This is a great idea

  • 2. This is a little disturbing

  • 3. Mind blown

  • 4. Why, indeed

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  • 5. Turns out, I cry a lot

  • 6. I've got to know

  • 7. John(smith} 17fhr9s64mglshj@gmail.com

  • 8. It makes sense

  • 9. I've never seen it happen

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  • 10. Lifespans, man

  • 11. You'd think it would figure some things out

  • 12. Whaaaat

  • 13. You just need a horse

  • 14. It's so crazy it just might work

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  • 15. Makes me want a nickname, like a Viking war cry

  • 16. I guess it could happen

  • 17. This is rather inspirational

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  • 18. Somebody should study this

  • 19. T. Swift is just a space-time designer

  • 20. "Fire is on your hair"

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