What being an adult is really like in 19 hilarious GIFs

You can relate to basically all of these.

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  • Remember how as kids all we wanted to do was leave home and finally become adults? Well, here are some GIFs to better illustrate how you feel about adulting now:

  • 1. Waking up early Monday morning

  • 2. Turning to your alarm clock

  • 3. Going to work

  • 4. At least you get a cool-looking name tag or badge

  • 5. Waiting for work to end

  • 6. When it finally does

  • 7. Getting home and realizing you have no social life

  • 8. So you end up going to bed early

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  • 9. Waking up Tuesday

  • 10. Wednesday

  • 11. Thursday

  • 12. Going to work Friday

  • 13. Leaving work Friday

  • 14. Then opening your paycheck

  • 15. Friday night

  • 16. Then bored on Saturday

  • 17. So you pay some bills

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  • 18. When the weekend is over and you realize it's almost Monday again

  • 19. But despite everything, you secretly think it's pretty cool being an adult

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