15 GIFs you'll only understand if you love food

You know these describe your relationship with food perfectly.

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  • We can't live without food. #Obviously

  • And if you're a food lover, you'll enjoy these GIFs about food and the people who love to eat it.

  • 1. I really love food

  • 2. I just came for the food

  • 3. It's like a reward for making it through parts of the day

  • 4. It's all fun and games until ..

  • 5. Yeah, I'm not really picky

  • 6. It's serious when you bust out the stretchy pants

  • 7. The first real incentive I've seen to do pull-ups

  • 8. Is that even food? Because I'm certain food should taste good

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  • 9. Food just makes it all better

  • 10. No other words are important when there's "bacon"

  • 11. I saved you a slice

  • 12. Again, food makes it all better

  • 13. The first three letters in "diet" literally spell die, so ...

  • 14. It's just my pre-food happy dance

  • 15. It's all anyone really wants anyway

  • Be kind to your body and feed it well. But don't make the tastiness of life boring; enjoy it! What's your favorite go-to food?

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