If your woman says any of these 17 phrases, drop everything and run

You're in for it. Run. Run fast.

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  • Was there a date night you totally forgot about?

  • Did you leave the toilet seat up?

  • Maybe you didn't notice she got a haircut. Yeah, maybe that's it.

  • Whatever it is, it's bad. If she says anything on this list it's best to just turn, run and give her a few hours and plenty of space before you return — with chocolate and puppies.

  • Here's the list:

  • 1. "Do whatever you want"

  • 2. "I'm not mad"

  • 3. "Don't worry about me"

  • 4. "It's whatever"

  • 5. "It doesn't matter"

  • 6. "What did you just say?"

  • 7. "OK, you're right"

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  • 8. "Fine," "I'm fine," "You're fine," "It's fine"

  • 9. "Who is she?"

  • 10. "Nothing is going on"

  • 11. "I don't care"

  • 12. "It doesn't bother me"

  • 13. "Have fun"

  • 14. "I'm calm"

  • 15. "Did you remember to (insert forgotten thing here)?"

  • 16. "Go ahead"

  • 17. Silence

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  • Did I miss any? Help a brother out and comment below with any other danger phrases.

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