QUIZ: What does your hair color reveal about your personality?

I'm a dirty blond, and it couldn't have been more right!

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  • There are a million studies that have been done on color and psychology. Color Meanings has done many of such studies. For example, they have found that when a girl wears a certain color it makes her more attractive. Or when a company uses a specific color for their website or logo, this automatically and subconciously conveys meaning to the onlooker.

  • For instance, I went on a date last week and I wore red— which makes you appear more attractive to the opposite gender. Smart move, I know. Today, I am wearing a blue top because I have a very interview later. This color subconciously helps the person I will be interacting with feel loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust.

  • Your eyes are taking in millions of colors every minute that causes us to feel certain emotions or feelings. Then depending on what we feel we act accordingly. It's quite fascinating.

  • This same source has done a study on what your natural hair color reveals about your personality. Its a color you see on yourself daily. How does this affect who you are?

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