11 hilarious diet and exercise tweets you know you can relate to

When you're trying to be healthy, but it's not really your thing.

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  • We have all these healthy lifestyle intentions; but then life happens and it doesn't always go the way we planned. Because really, we just want all the benefits without all the effort. The struggle is real.

  • So, rather than get down on yourself because of not-yet-achieved goals, laugh at these Tweets that basically could have come out of your own head.

  • 1. I'm totally going to eat a salad ... oh, wait

  • 2. "No pain, no gain" does seem confusing now that you mention it

  • 3. We don't need damaging relationships

  • 4. I'm over here doing squats. You?

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  • 5. I'm totally going to exercise; but first ...

  • 6. No body shaming. Just love

  • 7. Sometimes you just need chocolate, not a cucumber slice

  • 8. Please "donut" insult me with words like "kale"

  • 9. Don't tell me how to eat!

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  • 10. The donuts made me do it

  • 11. Desperate times call for desperate measures

  • We should all probably try to eat healthy and exercise; but don't beat yourself up when you don't. Read some snarky Tweets about it instead, because laughing totally burns calories and uses your ab muscles. #win

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