15 tweets your friends with anxiety want you to read

We seem carefree and happy, but inside our mind, a battle is constantly raging.

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  • Your friends with anxiety might seem carefree and happy, but chances are, on the inside an unseen battle is raging. Here are a few things we are likely experiencing right now.

  • 1. What people think about us is a big deal

  • 2. Stress is just a normal part of life

  • 3. Some days are harder than others

  • If you were only able to give it your "some" today, I want you to know that *definitely* still counts for something 🙌🏽💖

    A photo posted by Naked With Anxiety | Dani (@nakedwithanxiety) on

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  • 4. It comes for no reason

  • 5. It can be hard to believe people actually love you

  • 6. And we wonder if we're even worth loving

  • 7. Sleeping is a fun thing that other people get to do

  • 8. It tries to control everything

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  • 9. Even when you're trying to be optimistic, it kicks in

  • 10. Sometimes sitting is the only option

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  • 11. Anxiety can trump all other emotions

  • 12. All types of people can be affected by it

  • 13. It can feel like you're drowning in life

  • This week has not been the greatest start to a new year. That's all I'll say.

    A photo posted by Bri Lamkin (@brilamkin) on

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  • 14. We'll do whatever we can to try to make it go away

  • 15. But getting away from it feels impossible

  • Sometimes functioning as a human while this inner battle is crowding out everything else is a huge struggle. On those days when we aren't quite our best (or even decent) selves, thank you for being our friend anyway.

  • If this article has been helpful to you, talk about it. Discussing health issues with your friends may one day save a life. Live FitSocial®.

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