41 small ways to show your wife you love her every day

These 41 easy things will make all the difference.

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  • Cultivating a great relationship takes lots of work. However, it's the small, even easy, things that make the biggest difference. These 41 things are simple, but their impact can be grand:

    1. Do her favorite activity with her

    2. Put the seat down

    3. Put her photo on your desk

    4. Go to bed early, just to talk

    5. Take her on dates

    6. Don't look at pornography

    7. Write her a love letter

    8. Confront problems

    9. Let her wear your clothes

    10. Call her by a nickname

    11. Do what you say you will

    12. Take pictures with her

    13. Fill her car with gas

    14. Be your best self

    15. Cook her dinner

    16. Make her your No. 1 priority

    17. Set goals with her

    18. Plan a girls' night out for her

    19. Admit your mistakes

    20. Look your best

    21. Kiss her lots

    22. Share household responsibilities

    23. Bring home her favorite tasty treat

    24. Try to get to know her even more

    25. Care about her family

    26. Tell her what you like about her

    27. Brag about her

    28. Forgive her

    29. Ask her advice

    30. Celebrate her successes

    31. Refuse to compare her to others

    32. Tell her your secrets

    33. Surprise her

    34. Love her kids

    35. Text or call her in the middle of the day

    36. Don't talk badly about her

    37. Pray for her

    38. Hold her hand

    39. Listen to her

    40. Leave her notes

    41. Tell her you love her

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