QUIZ: What does your ear lobe reveal about your personality?

Attached? Midway? or Free?

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  • Are we subconsciously conscious about our ears? Do they stick out? Are they abnormally small or abnormally large? Or are you just grateful you can hear the music of life?

  • Did you know that your ears are the only part of your body that continue to grow throughout your life? It's true. Why do you think that is?

  • Some believe it is because the ears have a tell a tale, and some believe they are a sign of wisdom.

  • Whatever the reason, our ear lobes tell us a little bit about ourselves. Depending on whether we have attached, midway, or free ear lobes, each tell a tale about our personality.

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Mary recently graduated in Visual Communications and is working her way to be able to use her talent for humanitarian aid organizations in third world countries. She has a passion for the artistic realm and focuses her time on graphic design, photography, and most recently, painting.

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