QUIZ: What does your eye color say about you?

Does how you live your life really tie into your eye color?

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  • Eyes are very telling. They are a window into our soul.

  • Ever wonder why you were born with a certain eye color? OR, has your eye color changed throughout your life? Mine definitely has. Actually, mine will change between blue and hazel on a daily basis. What does this mean?

  • Oft times you can look into someone's eyes and be able to guess how their day is going, or if they are happy or not. That is, unless they are real good at hiding it. The eyes tell you if the person is tired or if they are emotional.

  • It is easy to detect hope and defeat.

  • Now you may not be all over the naturalistic health beliefs, but undertand that there could be more to getting in touch with your body than you know.

  • What if your eyes are telling you more than just current emotions? What if they are revealing a little bit more about your personality or how you handle situations? Or what if they are telling you about how you interact with people? Our eyes tell us these things.

  • Find out what your eyes are trying to tell you.

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Mary recently graduated in Visual Communications and is working her way to be able to use her talent for humanitarian aid organizations in third world countries. She has a passion for the artistic realm and focuses her time on graphic design, photography, and most recently, painting.

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