These twins were switched at birth, but you'll never believe who they were switched with

This is not your typical switched-at-birth story.

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  • You would think in the time that we live in with so much information and technology that babies being accidentally switched in hospitals would not happen, and yet, it still does.

  • A set of twins from Columbia found out this had actually happened to them 20 years ago when they were born. But the story doesn't end there because, crazily enough, they were mixed up with another set of twins.

  • Two pairs of identical twins had been born in a hospital in Columbia, but one baby of each of the twins had been accidentally switched with the other. One mixed set went to Bogota, the capitol of Columbia, the mixed pair to a rural farming village.

  • Each of them grew up thinking they were a fraternal twin, when in reality their identical twin was out there only about 100 miles away.

  • Because of social media and mutual friends, the mix-up was eventually discovered, and each brother was able to meet his actual identical twin.

  • Although their worlds were turned-upside down by the news as the boys were able to meet each other, it was clear there was a bond that had probably been there since birth.

  • Watch the happy and a little confusing reunion below:

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