The most adorable maternity photo-shoot ever, and it doesn’t even involve a human

Move aside all other maternity photos, this dog will show you how it’s done.

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  • Think you've seen some pretty adorable maternity photo's?

  • Best friends forever. 💕 #maternityphotography

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  • Well think again. Lilica, an adorable pregnant dog, took maternity shoots to another level.

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  • Before she gave birth to a liter of five puppies, Lilica's owner asked Brazilian Photographer Ana Paula Grillo to do a maternity shot of the glowing mother.

  • The dog was a natural, doing some adorable and fun poses.

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  • Grillo said on her facebook page that the photo shoot only took 20 minutes, and that Lilica was so easy to work with.

  • Esse é o ensaio especial ♥ por que elas também merecem esse amor e cuidado. Lilica é encantadora e charmosa.

    Posted by Anna Fotografia on Monday, March 14, 2016
  • Lilica gave birth to her puppies the very next say, and they were all adopted by members of the owner's family.

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