19 hilariously true pictures that show how different men and women are

We know men and women are different, but these photos will prove just how different they are.

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  • Some of these funny photos may not apply to you, but many can agree that men and women are very different. From shopping to shampoo, men and women don't always see eye to eye. Here are some things about men and women that just don't match up:

  • 1. The different things they can never have enough of

  • 2. The way they view themselves

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  • 3. The number of notifications they get online

  • 4. The way they see color

  • 5. The results of their haircuts

  • 6. The way they feel after a breakup

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  • 7. The way they feel about anything

  • 8. The way they connect

  • 9. The amount of "switches" they have

  • 10 . The way they prepare for trips

  • 11. The amount of clothes they need

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  • 12. The cleanliness of their bedrooms

  • 13. & 14. The number of bags they own & the way they keep secrets

  • 15. The way they pose for a photo

  • 16. The amount of attention they receive online

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  • 17. The way they tell their friends good news

  • 18. The way they make a purchase

  • 19. The ways they might not be so different after all

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