Top gorgeous exotic baby names for girls

Why name your baby girl an overused name when you could pick from one of these beauties?

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  • Why name your baby girl an overused name when you could pick from one of these? You can't go wrong with these lovely names that are far from being worn out.

  • Pronounced AH-mill-ee. Means "industrious/thriving."

  • Scandinavian name meaning "pure."

  • Gorgeous Celtic name meaning "light."

  • Variation of the Spanish name Araceli, which means "altar of the sky."

  • Of African origin, Imani means, "faith."

  • A beautiful French name meaning "coral."

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  • This lovely name just rolls off the tongue.

  • Made popular by Saint Eulalia – a patron saint of Barcelona.

  • Pronounced my-lee.

  • This French variation of Cecilia still provides a beautiful name without having your baby named the same thing as her friends.

  • Although this was originally a male name, it's become more popular recently for girls. You can also use the adorable nickname of Romy with this one.

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