22 awkward things that happen when you try to make friends as an adult

Gone are the days of instant friendship — making friends is hard stuff.

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  • Back in the day it was so simple. You just walked up to another kid on the playground and you had a new best friend. These days, there are more challenges.

  • You may feel like you have no talent for it

  • So basically you're in denial

  • But eventually you're forced to face the fact: You're lonely

  • And you start wondering if you're some kind of social pariah

  • You decide a party is a great place to make new friends and discover you don't know a soul there

  • You think that someone's waving at you, but it was the person behind you

  • Don't worry; no one saw ...

  • When someone actually talks to you and you agree like crazy

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  • But really you just agree with the fact that they're talking to you.

  • You try to converse, but you just mess it all up

  • You curse yourself for letting such abominations escape your mouth

  • If you don't have something great to say, don't say anything at all.

  • So you ponder something hilarious to say for next time

  • But end up just not ever speaking again

  • So everyone thinks you're crazy dull

  • You're just trying to do the socially correct thing at all times

  • But sometimes you don't know what that is.

  • People actually invite you to something and you can't even go

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  • So you have to resort to inviting yourself along some other time. But then you don't know if they actually want you there or not.

  • You definitely bonded; but they treat it like it was nothing

  • And you might come off a little desperate

  • But you're just so excited to have a new friend.

  • You definitely feel a little bit like you're hitting on them

  • But you just want them to know how amazing they are

  • But eventually someone wants you to be their friend for real!

  • You don't even know how to handle yourself.

  • And you kind of can't believe you won at friendshipping

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  • They like you! They really like you!

  • #friendsforever

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