3 things about love worth hating

Despite the parlance of the day, love is not always rosy; it can get ugly. These 3 things come in the love package deal, and they're worth hating every day.

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  • Loving people really grinds my gears. For all it's cracked up to be—and for the most part delivers—love is a real bear, too. It's a real shame we can't choose some aspects of love; if we could, life would be nearly painless. These 3 special, little nuggets come in the love package deal, and I hate them:

  • 1. There's never enough time

  • How many times have you stopped in the precious moment of a family dinner or family reunion or a tender moment with a spouse or a priceless experience with a son or daughter and said to yourself, "Man, I wish this could last forever"?

  • Guess what? It never can! All the best times with those we love the most have to come to an end. We have to go back to work and school and go back to our separate lives. It's terrible.

  • 2. It's easy to lose touch

  • We all live separate lives, but whenever we get together it feels like we never were apart; still, there is so much to catch up on. We want nothing more than to stay current with our loved ones' lives and for them to stay current with ours, but it's just impossible.

  • Especially if they aren't part of your daily life, you lose track of them between the times you meet up. Next thing you know, you have 3 new cousins you've never met, and your favorite aunt has moved 3 times. It's not like you didn't want to meet those cousins, you did! You didn't want to get out of moving your aunt, you just had no idea! So frustrating.

  • 3. No one can live forever

  • This is, bar none, the very worst, cruelest part of loving anyone. I feel it would have been easier to have never known the people I love than feel the horrible loss of their passing. (That thought is the heartbreak talking of course. I couldn't trade the world for the people I love. I just hate being without them so much.)

  • Seeing them again is still in the cards, but more likely than not, that happy day is YEARS away. It hurts to carry on in the meantime.

  • All that fuming aside, love is forever worth the annoyances. Love without its bitter, crusty edges is like eating straight chocolate; eventually you're going to get sick. It's fitting love should feel like this; no one is perfectly sweet, and no one is completely lip-puckering, either. Loving people feels more like ... eating a really good lemon bar: a little sour and a little sweet.

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