Change this one thing in your home, and it can change your life [VIDEO]

One simple change can greatly improve you, your family, and your home.

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  • You get home after a long day of work, hug your family, and casually stroll into the kitchen. You want a cold glass of juice, or that snack you left last night. But wait, it’s not there. Or is it? What’s this old gallon of milk doing in here? And why does it smell?

  • We use our refrigerators to keep food healthy, fresh, and ready-to-eat for as long as possible. But when we’re not taking care of our fridge, the things inside won’t take care of us. In fact, a dirtier fridge means dirtier food, which means you could be exposed to more illness or disease. It seems pretty obvious, but a clean refrigerator is the start to a cleaner life. When was the last time you really cleaned your fridge?

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