How to make this room in your house absolutely amazing [VIDEO]

You're in this room every day, but now it'll be a place you actually enjoy.

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  • Think of a calm, peaceful place where you can clear your mind. Somewhere organized, simple, and beautiful. Maybe your happy place is the beach. Maybe you love the crisp mountain air. Or maybe you’re imagining your kitchen.

  • OK, maybe not the kitchen. But why not? Most people avoid the kitchen unless it’s dinnertime. But with a few simple changes, your kitchen could feel less like a messy war zone and more like a magazine-featured getaway that you’re in control of. Your kitchen doesn’t have to feel like a place where you make meals and clean. Make your food room an important part of your home by making a few easy fixes.

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Jenna Koford is on the content team at FamilyShare. She graduated with a degree in Communications—Journalism and a minor in editing. Jenna enjoys painting and calligraphy, planning a wedding, and Pinterest and Netflix.


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