New research shows Kevin Bacon is probably your friend’s friend’s friend

The idea that anyone in the world has a connection to any other person (or Kevin Bacon) by six degrees or less just got a lot smaller.
Feb 07, 2016

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  • Everyone in the world is one step closer to being personal acquaintances with Kevin Bacon.

  • The idea that anyone in the world has a connection to any other person by six degrees or less has been around for almost a century. The theory was made more popular when people used it as a game to connect other actors or themselves to Kevin Bacon. But now, according to a blog post from Facebook, six degrees may be too high a number.

  • After taking every user's Facebook friends list and crunching the numbers, researchers say a more accurate number would be around three and a half degrees.

  • Pick any person on Facebook, and you are somehow connected to him or her through less than four people.

  • "Imagine a person with 100 friends," the blog post read. "If each of his friends also has 100 friends, then the number of friends-of-friends will be 10,000. If each of those friends-of-friends also has 100 friends then the number of friends-of-friends-of-friends will be 1,000,000."

  • The number of connected people grows rapidly the more degrees away you are. And most Facebook users have more than 100 friends, so even that example is a modest one.

  • The explanation of how exactly they came up with the numbers is a bit more complicated, but luckily, they can find out your degrees of separation for you.

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  • This just goes to show, the world really is smaller than we think.

  • Time to put an extra chair at the dinner table, just in case your old pal Kev Bacon decides to drop in.

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