The 6 emotional stages of waking up on a Saturday morning we all can relate to

Wanting the weekend so badly can make our reaction to its actual arrival a little ... off. We all take some version of this roller coaster ride almost every weekend.

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  • The daily grind can grind so much there's often not much left for the weekend: all we can do is get off the meat grinder and rest, before getting back on. When Saturday morning comes, it takes time to swap out "go-to-work" for "you-don't-have-anywhere-to-be" in your brain. The reboot process takes 6 phases:

  • 1. Panic

  • Your first thought every day is getting to the first item on your checklist. On Saturday there is no checklist, but your mind doesn't know that right away. "Where am I supposed to be? What do I need to do ... Why can't I remember?!" My heart never pounds faster than on Saturday morning.

  • 2. Disbelief

  • There is no way it's really Saturday. Better to believe it's Thursday and not be disappointed than to think it's Saturday and be heartbroken. Chances are you're still reeling a little from step 1. Saturday could have been yesterday for all you know.

  • 3. Cautious acceptance

  • Check the phone ... Check the calendar ... Yes, it's definitely Saturday (although, you'll second-guess that for a while yet). You don't want to get overly excited at this point; just rein it in a little. It's only a Saturday after all. You're an adult.

  • 4. Moment of silence

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  • Before anything else happens, the official realization that it is Saturday washes over your senses, and paralyzing relaxation seeps into your bones. It's something like lowering yourself into a hot tub with a built-in, never-ending chocolate fountain.

  • 5. Explosive joy

  • Suddenly Saturday fever becomes too much, and you burst into flames, "I could run a marathon! Two marathons! Eat all the dessert I ever wanted, travel the world, I AM IMMORTAL!!"

  • 6. Back to bed

  • Get out the fire extinguisher, Pepper Jack; you're not going anywhere. Let's be brutally honest: all we ever want to do on the weekend is sleep. And, despite how far society has advanced, no day trip, shopping spree or other gripping activity can actually top a nap. Go back to bed unashamed; Monday will come all too soon.

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