9 websites that are major game changers for any parent

As parents, we all wish to ensure our child learns and succeeds at it. We want them to be happy in the classroom setting as well as be there for them when they need us most.

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  • As parents, we all wish to ensure our child learns and succeeds at it. We want them to be happy in the classroom setting as well as be there for them when they need us most. However, sometimes using technology together to learn is more efficient than just scanning through their textbooks.

  • Here are our nine favorite websites that both you and your child will enjoy.

  • 1. Scholastic

  • These wonderful book publishers have been made famous through literature as simple as "Clifford the Big Red Dog" to more advanced, yet child-friendly literature, such as "Harry Potter."

  • The website is a great go-to for your children because it offers many educational games and stories. All of which encourage your child to learn and grow with their favorite book characters.

  • That's not all, as a parent there are pages here for you to visit as well. Scholastic has many forums on which you can talk to other parents about your child's progress, and gain insight and advice from the other parents. There is also no shortage of blogs for you to read, which will always give you advice on how to help your child succeed.

  • 2. Flylady

  • This blog has quite possibly saved many people from complete insanity. In a home with children of any age there will be messes, and no matter how much they help, it will never be enough.

  • Flylady makes cleaning easy and fun by encouraging the "baby steps" process. Do a little each day and soon it will all be done. This works great for parents of small children because they have such a narrow timeframe during the day that sometimes they honestly believe that they don't have the time. Take some of Flylady's advice; you'll be happy you did.

  • 3. Trust my paper

  • This website is a fantastic resource if you want to help your children complete homework assignments in writing. Their website posts instructions and insights on nearly every type of paper to exist. The website is all in an easy to read and understand format for both the parents and students to read. Trust my paper is an excellent resource for getting help with particular projects.

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  • 4. Pinterest

  • This is a probable favorite for most parents. Pinterest is filled with tips and projects that make life easier, especially with kids. With the tips on Pinterest, you can find a way to make use of that wine rack you picked up from a garage sale years ago, and with a few extra pieces transform it into a supply caddy for your child's room. Or perhaps you want something practical and decorative as well? That's not a problem! Do you have a hideous cabinet? With a little work and paint that cabinet can quickly become the greatest play kitchen on the block.

  • 5. Prongo

  • Prongo is a great website for children ages 3 and older. It has a wide variety of games and puzzles that teach your kids math and thinking skills. All activities depend on their age and learning levels of course. As a parent you can use this website to play games with your children and watch them learn, print out flashcards to help them study, and so much more.

  • 6. Bedtime

  • Are you having trouble getting your kid to go to sleep at night? Or for your elementary schooler to read at all? Is there a constant reason for disliking books statements like "They're boring" or "I've already read that one!"

  • I feel their pain. Most of the time books that have been read over and over start to become dulled out and predictable. Yes, they may want to read those stories again in the future, but when you're low on funds simply going out and buying a book can be difficult. Bedtime is a wonderful website because of this. For the price of free, you can go through their myriad of stories, with many being approved and added each day, and select a tale for your child to read. If your child is creative with words, they can also write their stories and post them on the website.

  • 7. Smithsonian

  • One of the most famous museums has a website made just for kids. Here you can explore the wonders of science and history with your child. The Smithsonian also offers fabulous projects one could try for their local science fair and even information about whatever your child may be studying.

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  • 8. Kids in mind

  • Your children will ask you if they can see movies, and, to be honest, viewer ratings IE: TVY7 or G, simply aren't enough to go by anymore. There are simply some things that you don't want to expose your children to, and this is where Kids in Mind can help you. All movies are reviewed by the people who have seen them, and rather than giving them a X/10 rating they go into further detail by telling you what you may like or dislike about the film and how much is in it.

  • 9. Artful parent

  • This website is one of my personal favorites because it gives parents so many ideas. Your child is a creative art center, and that should be encouraged. However, there are times when old projects become dull, and they desperately may need something new. Artful parent is filled with many different art and design projects that you and your child can enjoy.

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