5 helpful websites every parent needs in their life

In our time it is almost a crime not to use the Internet to raise kids. See what sites can make this experience easier and more effective for you.

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  • One of the most time-consuming, responsible and long-lasting jobs in the world is being a parent. It is the most rewarding work, as well. Seeing your child becoming a smart, clever young person is the best feeling ever as you know that you can take credit for that.

  • As with every hard job, you need much effort to succeed. Good parents read a lot about child development, regularly consult doctors, and do everything to keep their kids safe. The online world can help with all those and many more things. Practically everything that parents had to learn from many different sources before, can be learnt from the Internet now.

  • Here are 5 websites parent can benefit from:

  • Weelicious

  • Cooking is a big deal for families with kids. You need to know what a baby can and cannot eat; you need to get creative when your kid is old enough to be picky; you need to become a self-made dietitian when your daughter decides to go on a diet, or your son chooses to be a vegetarian. Apart from all of that, you have yourself and your spouse who wants to eat delicious non-baby food. Good thing is that there is a website that can help with all that. Wellicious offers different recipes for kids of all ages as well as for adults. A big plus of this site is that all the recipes are for healthy, nutritious and, mostly, easy meals. Besides, there are regular video tutorials starring the author of the site, Catherine, with her cute son and daughter.

  • AskBaby

  • Every parent needs to have at least one resource of getting helpful information and tips on pregnancy and baby care. AskBaby can be that source for you. You can find facts, opinions and comments on all the important topics and issues as well as leave your own comments.

  • There are also reviews on various baby products that young parents can find very helpful. The site is quite popular and consists of a big community of parents and parents-to-be. You can join them and feel a part of a strong group.

  • Healthy Children

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  • Do you want to get health tips for your kids from the American Academy of Pediatrics? Then Healthy Children is the website for you, as it is powered by this great organization with more than 60 thousand contributing pediatricians from all over the world.

  • Of course, if your baby is ill, you need to go to a doctor and not look on the Internet of what it might be. However, you as a parent should know about all the possible issues, and your actions in different situations. The site is not only about taking care of health problems; you can also get the information about the best ways of raising a child, about breastfeeding, changing diapers, nutrition, puberty issues, etc. The site covers all the growing up stages starting from prenatal and finishing with young adult.

  • Pumpic

  • Keeping your kids safe and sound is one of your main goals in life, right? There are so many hazards that a parent has to be aware of. In our digital era, there are some additional risks that can be added to that list of hazards. Having a resource of protection and security tips is a must for modern parents. Pumpic can offer exactly that. It protects your kids from online dangers, informs you about their Internet activities, and provides you with numerous tips on online security and kids' protection. In our world it is a must-have.

  • PBS Parents

  • Keeping your children safe and healthy is not enough; you need to also help their mental and emotional development as you are the first teachers in life that they have. PBS Parents offers a lot of assistance with that. The site gives you material for child development on all the stages of growing. There are many different age-appropriate developing games as well as tons of material for the school period. You will help build strong literacy and math skills in your kids and get tips on how to raise them kind and smart.

  • Hopefully, these sites will help you raise healthy, kind and clever children that will make you proud every day.

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