15 awful things you probably did to your younger sister

If you and your brothers and sisters did siblinghood right, you’ll be able to relate to most of these rude little acts.

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  • If you and your brothers and sisters did siblinghood right, you'll be able to relate to most of these rude little acts.

  • Gave the world's worst wedgies

  • Overalls were ALWAYS a bad idea.

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  • Wore her clothes without asking

  • And looked even better in her shirt than she did.

  • Interrupted her dates

  • "What you guys doing???"

  • Teased her about super sensitive things

  • You knew all the buttons to push and saved them for just the right moment.

  • Pretty much made her your personal servant

  • She was the perfect person to give backrubs for hours.

  • Told lies just to terrify her

  • My sister said if you didn't get absolutely all of the shampoo out your hair, your hair would turn white and fall out.

  • Ate that favorite piece of Halloween candy she was saving

  • And then said it was an accident.

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  • Bossed her around

  • … because you could, and you loved it.

  • Waited in her bedroom until just the right moment to scare her

  • Blessings come to those who wait.

  • Ditched her when your friends came around

  • Your baby sis could be your friend when you had no one else, but once your friends came over, she had to go.

  • Left your hair in the drain for her to clean out

  • Just yuck.

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  • Fought about tiny things that seemed huge at the time

  • "Did you use my toothbrush????"

  • Blamed the accident on her

  • That huge mess in the living room? As the older sibling, it was only natural to turn the wrath of your parents to the younger one.

  • Scared off her dates

  • Because secretly you knew no one would ever be good enough for her.

  • "I'll time you!"

  • Too lazy to go get your pillow from your bedroom? That's what little sisters are for. With just the use of these 3 magic words, you could get her to fetch anything.

  • But at the end of the day …

  • You were always there for her when she really needed you.

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