Can you make it through these 23 photos without smiling?

Having a rough day? These pictures will make you smile and melt your heart.

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  • 1. This adorable, frightened baby sloth being saved by a kind policeman:

  • 2. This heart-warming moment of a child reunited with his father:

  • 3. This child who found the cutest napping place (with puppies!):

  • 4. This adorable polar bear family playing in the snow:

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  • 5. This little girl comforting an incredibly cute elephant:

  • 6. This hilarious costume idea of a marshmallow on a stick:

  • 7. This super hungry—but super tired—baby who fell asleep during dinner:

  • 8. This walrus acting so cute after being surprised with a fish birthday cake:

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  • 9. This adorable kitten and its little tongue:

  • 10. This baby fascinated with ketchup while practicing grocery shopping:

  • 11. This groom seeing his bride in her wedding dress for the first time:

  • 12. This other first look of a father seeing his daughter:

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  • 13. These two best friends waiting for Daddy or Mommy to come home:

  • 14. This baby who has drawn-on eyebrows:

  • 15. This adorable proposal with a puppy present:

  • 16. This curious baby and a dog who doesn't know what to do:

  • 17. This deliciously cute Halloween costume:

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  • 18. This cute elderly couple, who still knows how to have fun:

  • 19. This phone case matching a stranger's outfit:

  • 20. This totally happy and surprised guy who didn't know there'd be balloons:

  • 21. This puppy costume that may make you do a double take:

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  • 22 and 23. These cute baby bear costumes:

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