After oldest living man dies, daughter says ‘heaven has another angel now'

Andrew Hatch may or may not have been the oldest living father in the world. Regardless, his daughter recently thanked God for the memories.

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  • The oldest man in the world is a candy-making Holocaust survivor from Israel.

  • Yisrael Kristal, 112, became the oldest man in the world this week after the previous titleholder, Yasutaro Koide of Japan, died at the same age. Kristal's grandson received an email this week from the Gerontology Research Group that notified him that his elder had received the new title.

  • But before Koide of Japan passed away, there was some dispute about who the oldest man in the world really was. ABC-7 reported that the real last oldest person in the world may have actually been a man from Oakland, California who died earlier this week at 117 years old.

  • The man, named Andrew Hatch, was allegedly born on October 7, 1898, at least according to his driver's license and work permit card. But, as ABC-7 news reported, he doesn't have a birth certificate, mostly because they were scarce at the time of his birth, especially for black people, like Hatch.

  • Still, Hatch's daughter, Delane Sims, shared a Facebook post that honored her father, even if he wasn't the official oldest man in the world.

  • "I thank God for all the wonderful years he gave me with my dad. I also thank everyone who has cheered my dad on and contributed in some way to making his life better here on earth - heaven has another angel now."

  • I thank God for all the wonderful years he gave me with my dad. I also thank everyone who has cheered my dad on and...

    Posted by Delane Sims on Tuesday, January 19, 2016
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  • Hatch lived through "three centuries of wars, presidents, social change and technological advancements" before his death, ABC-7 explained.

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