Photographer takes the same photo of a family for 22 years to show the ‘miracle of growth'

London-based photographer Zed Nelson decided to photograph the same family — under the same lighting behind the same backdrop — to show the beauty of aging.

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  • London-based photographer Zed Nelson was struck with an idea when his wife's friend got pregnant: He wanted to photograph the new family's growth — forever.

  • And that's exactly what he's done — and continues to do — with his project "The Family."

  • As he explained on his website, Nelson has taken a snapshot of the family every year since they gave birth to their son, with the most recent photo coming from 2014. He plans to keep the project going as the family ages.

  • "I planned the shoots in a formal, almost scientific way," Nelson wrote. "Every year, at the same time, against the same backdrop, under the same lighting. This way there are no distractions, only the miracle of growth and the changes of time and age."

  • The most notable change in the slideshow is of the baby boy, who grows from baby to toddler to teen to young adult. Here's a quick glance at some of the photos:

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  • You can see more of Nelson's photos in this slideshow.

  • This isn't the first time family photos have trended online. Back in summer 2015, I wrote about a photo series of a dad and son — taken over the course of 26 years — that went viral, mostly because the last photo of the series showed the dad and son with a new baby boy, who was the dad's grandson.

  • Photographers and family experts have long written about the importance of family photos. Photographer and artist David Phillips said on his website family photos can help families keep record of their family history and honor their past.

  • "A photograph is a timeless asset that grows in meaning and value as time passes by," Phillips wrote. "As days roll into years and the years roll into decades, a family changes. They grow with the additions of new members, they change with the passage of time, and sometimes say goodbye to much loved faces."

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