Watch: Teen named Isis stands up to bullies who make fun of her for her name

Isis Brown, 14, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, posted a video explaining the bullying she receives at school because she shares her name with the terrorist group.
Jan 15, 2016

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  • Isis Brown Sends a Message

    The terror group ISIS is causing unexpected consequences for a Tulsa girl. 14-year-old Isis Brown has had the name far longer than any terror organization, but that doesn't matter to bullies who have made her a constant target. Today, she posted this video to send a message of hope for others dealing with the same problem. Please take a minute and watch her heartfelt video. HER FULL STORY HERE ----> KJRH DJ ISIS

    Posted by Nathan Edwards FOX 45 on Friday, January 8, 2016
  • A 14-year-old Oklahoma teen posted a clip to social media with the message that people should be able to "love and cherish" their names — though in her case, doing so isn't always easy.

  • That's because Isis Brown shares hers with a terrorist organization.

  • And Brown's video details bullying she's faced since the organization ISIS started grabbing headlines for its violent acts a few years ago.

  • "To all you people out there who have the name Isis, I know what you're going through," Brown says in the video, posted to Facebook Jan. 8. "I have the issue of every day when I walk into school just wanting to stop right there in the middle of the hallway and just cry."

  • In the clip, Brown details a few particular instances where classmates called her a "terrorist."

  • The Independent reported the teen has even changed schools due to bullying.

  • "I had people coming up to me saying, 'Why are you killing us Americans?'" according to Brown's clip. "I'm an American too."

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  • Ultimately, despite her recounts of taunts, Brown does offer a bit of hope for others named Isis.

  • "If you guys know the real meaning of Isis, it's after a goddess, the goddess of love, and for all you people out there who are getting picked on with this name, don't do what I did," according to the video.

  • Brown states in the clip she let classmates who made fun of her get the best of her, skipping class to avoid scrutiny, according to Yahoo Parenting.

  • She also faced cyberbullying on Facebook too, New York Daily News indicated. Anonymous web surfers took to her profile to name call and draw parallels between her and ISIS.

  • But with a bit of learning, Brown plans to not let bullying get in the way of her loving her name — and she encourages other Isis's to do the same.

  • "You kids out there with the name Isis, love your name; cherish your name," Brown says. "I'm still learning, and I know you guys are too, but in all reality, you're named after a goddess, not a terrorist group."

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