Arthur Boorman's inspiring example that you should never give up

A video of Arthur Boorman's inspiring example that we should never give up. For 15 years he believed he would never walk again. Then someone believed in him. He began to believe in himself, he worked relentlessly and his life was changed.

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  • Sometimes life deals out a hard hand. There's no way to sugar coat or ignore it. But that doesn't mean you should give in or give up. In this video, Arthur Boorman gives us one incredible example of how he learned that you should never give up.

  • For 15 years, Arthur was told by doctors that he would never walk unassisted again. As a 47-year-old disabled veteran, he believed them. After reaching nearly 300 lbs., he decided to give DDP Yoga a try. Arthur shared his story with them and found someone who believed in him. Diamond Dallas Page created a program just for him and kept in close contact as Arthur began to make progress. Very few people will find that their story is much like Arthur's. But then again, maybe his story is one that can inspire us all.

  • Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself

  • The day that Arthur again found he could believe in himself is a day that changed his life. He started down a dedicated path with high hopes but many setbacks. After falling down yet again, he shares a line that I'm sure he repeated to himself many times. It's one of those lines you want to remember yourself and teach to your children. "Just because I can't do it today doesn't mean I won't be able to do it someday."

  • You have to get back up

  • Indeed, there is wisdom in climbing back on a horse that has bucked you off or standing up and finishing the race after a fall. But Arthur couldn't even walk without assistance. It wasn't just getting up after one stumble. As he challenged his balance with each yoga pose, he fell. A lot. But then he got back up. To fall repeatedly would be incredibly frustrating. Even disheartening. But today Arthur not only walks. He runs. If you never try, then you'll never know.

  • Find what inspires you

  • In an upcoming movie titled,

  • INSPIREDThe Movie
  • , Arthur's story is featured along with others in a search for what it is that inspires people. They describe inspiration as first, determining what it is you desire combined with what you believe is possible. Understanding what inspires you can help you realize your future goals by keeping you motivated and determined to succeed.

  • Take a moment to reflect on what inspires you. Allow Arthur's story to be one that shows that even when life is hard; even when it seems there may not be anything you can do to better your situation believe in yourself, and then keep trying. Then, no matter what happens, recognize the value of your efforts and take control of your life and future. Good luck in your endeavors, now go be inspired.

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