11 hilarious moments when kids said what everyone else was thinking

Sometimes kids say the darndest things. And sometimes they say exactly what the rest of us wish we could.

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  • Sometimes we wish we could say the first thing that comes to our minds. And sometimes it's a good thing that we don't. But we're happy these kids did.

  • 1. Not THAT old

  • 2. Christmas presents

  • 3. Biceps or arm thighs?

  • 4. One too many

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  • 5. Act your age

  • 6. Always right

  • 7. Good manners

  • 8. Bagpipes in Britain

  • 9. Youthful glow

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  • 10. Foodie in the making

  • 11. Oscar-worthy

  • OK, so maybe we weren't thinking everyone of these things - but let's applaud these children for their commitment to the truth.

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