10 cute ways to tell your hubby he's going to be a dad

Here are 10 creative ways to tell him you're having a baby that will knock him off his feet.

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  • Having a baby is a pretty great thing — so you're going to want to tell your husband in a pretty great way. Here are 10 ways you can tell him that will knock him off his feet.

  • 1. Over morning coffee

  • Hand him a cup of coffee in the morning. There will be a surprise waiting for him at the bottom.

  • 2. Singing waiters

  • Go to a restaurant and ask the waiters to sing to your husband. But instead of the birthday song, ask them to sing, "Rock-a-bye Baby."

  • 3. Prego my eggo

  • Set up a breakfast table like this, or make some dinner with a bottle of Prego marinara sauce.

  • 4. With some word play

  • When your hubby's not around, arrange the scrabble tiles to say "We're pregnant," and hide your pregnancy test in the box. Later, ask your husband to have a game night with you and pull out the scrabble board for a great surprise.

  • Fun, Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy
    Fun, Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy / via Parenting
  • 5. Proposal

  • Recreate your husband's proposal of marriage to you — but instead of a ring, get on one knee and offer him your pregnancy test.

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  • 6. Leave a bun in the oven

  • Set a bun inside your oven and leave the door open. Your husband will wonder what that's about; but hopefully he'll figure it out.

  • Look what we've got cooking! A Bun'dle of love!

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  • 7. Eating for two

  • Settle in for some dessert after dinner. Don't say a word; just let him see this bowl.

  • 8. Make a movie

  • Edit together pictures, music and video to create a movie to announce your pregnancy. As you snuggle in for a movie night together, make sure you're the one putting in the DVD.

  • 9. Use the holidays

  • Let the holidays inspire your pregnancy reveal. Give him a rattle for Christmas or hide the words in eggs for Easter.

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  • 10. Write it on your belly

  • He'll find it eventually.

  • {belly}

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