13 "toddler" posts that every parent must read (because they're that funny)

Ever wonder what it would be like if your 2-year-old had a Facebook account? Wonder no more.

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  • Kids are getting cell phones and social media accounts younger and younger these days. Any day now, it could be toddlers who are blowing up the feeds. Oh wait, they can't even read or write (and often, talk). And after looking at these posts, you'll see that that may be for the best.

  • The Facebook anti-reality

  • Crayons — part of this complete breakfast

  • Pinterest fail

  • Toddler tips

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  • The true disciplinarian

  • The struggle is real for friendly dinosaurs

  • Speaking our language

  • Shenanigans

  • Hidden meaning

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  • Picky eater forever

  • It's better to receive

  • Intentional sabotage

  • Toddler recipes

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