Life unplugged: 5 ways to celebrate Log Cabin Day

June 25 is Log Cabin Day. This day is designed for you to put away all of the electronics and other modern distractions and live a more simple life.

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  • Before everyone was connected through smartphones and social networks, people lived a much more simple life. Some, even lived in log cabins. June 25 is Log Cabin Day. This day is designed for you to put away all of the electronics and other modern distractions and live a more simple life. Below are five ways you can celebrate Log Cabin Day and keep your children entertained without all of their electronic gadgets.

  • 1. Spend the day in nature

  • Get your children outdoors and let them enjoy nature. Take them for hike or into the mountains for a picnic. You can even take them fishing or birdwatching. There are many activities you can do outside. Let them use their imagination and enjoy the fresh air. Day after day, most children sit around watching TV and playing video games. Today, get away from all that and don’t let them use their electronics. Let them listen to the birds chirping and leaves rustling instead.

  • If your children enjoy games, you can create a scavenger hunt for the many items found in nature such as white rocks, a yellow flower, etc. Just make it fun for your children. You know them best and what activities they would most enjoy. Plan something that will captivate their attention and help them enjoy a much more quiet and calm life.

  • 2. Build log cabins

  • What better way to celebrate Log Cabin Day than to build a log cabin. Using blocks, sticks, Lincoln Logs, etc. build small log cabin replicas. As you do, teach your children about the history of log cabins and the type of conditions that people had to live in such as dirt floors and cracks between logs. This is a great educational experience and also a fun activity for you to enjoy with your children.

  • 3. Visit a museum

  • Many historical museums feature life-size replicas of log cabins. These exhibits show what it was like to live in these small buildings and what it took to build them. Find a local museum that features a log cabin and spend the afternoon there. Let your children see exactly what it was like to live in a much more simple time and without all of the gadgets and distractions that we use today.

  • 4. Cowboys and Indians

  • A favorite game for young children is Cowboys and Indians. They love to pretend they are in the wild west, protecting their homes and their families. Encourage your children to play Cowboys and Indians. Then when they are finished, educate your children on this time period. Teach them about how the people actually lived. Your children may not realize just how little the people had during this time.

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  • 5. Cook over a campfire

  • People who lived in log cabins had to cook their food each day over an open fire. Let your children do the same on Log Cabin Day. Whether you cook something easy like a hotdog or something a little more authentic such as a stew, your children will enjoy doing something different and taking part in the fun.

  • Log Cabin Day is a day when you can forget about all of the modern technologies and worldy distractions. This is an excellent time to educate your children about history and also let them enjoy the great outdoors.

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