Expert: The best thing you and your partner can do for your future baby

If you’re worried your marriage will change after you have a baby, you’re not alone. Want to prepare your marriage for a baby? Here's what to do.
Dec 27, 2015

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  • If you're worried your marriage will change after you have a baby, you're not alone.

  • As The Wall Street Journal reported in 2011, couples often have sleepless nights and sometimes have conflicts over the new responsibilities a child brings — issues that aren't around before a baby arrives.

  • In fact, about two-thirds of couples see their relationship quality drop after the birth of a child, WSJ reported. Though much of it is due to physical and mental changes, experts say couples find the post-baby life difficult because they don't properly prepare for the potential damages.

  • "People spend more time decorating the nursery than preparing the relationship for the arrival of a baby," Joyce Marter, co-owner of Urban Balance LLC, a psychotherapy practice in Chicago, told WSJ.

  • Preparing for these issues is easier said than done, though. Luckily for parents-to-be, a video, featuring tips from Valorie Burton of Focus on the Family, explains what it's like to introduce a baby into your marriage.

  • "Having a baby can be an incredible blessing that bonds a couple together. But the challenges and adjustments of parenting can also pull a husband and wife apart," Burton said.

  • Burton offers a few suggestions on what couples can do ahead of time to prepare their relationship for a baby, like having a regularly-scheduled date night to keep the love alive.

  • "The best thing you can do for a child," she said, "is love each other first."

  • Find out Burton's other tips in the video below:

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