Watch: Children forego dream Christmas presents to give their parents a gift instead

A new viral video shows children choosing between their happiness or their parents' joy. What happened will warm your heart.

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  • Christmastime is known as a season of giving, a concept not lost on a group of in-need children.

  • As the YouTube video above shows, children in Atlanta were faced with a choice: receive a surprise Christmas gift, or give a gift to a family member.

  • And in all cases, the children chose family over themselves.

  • "I'll give him this," one boy said about his dad. When asked why, he responded, "Because LEGOs don't matter. Your family matters, not LEGOs, not toys — your family. So it's either family or LEGOs, and I choose family."

  • The video comes from UP, a television channel that features uplifting news, original movies and television shows. The video above was a part of the Uplift Someone campaign, which encourages people to find ways to make other people feel happier with their lives.

  • "Every act of kindness — even one as small as just making someone smile — makes the world a little bit brighter," the Uplift Someone website reads.

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Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.


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