Watch: Parents surprise 3 foster children with adoptions papers for Christmas

Here's the emotional reaction three children had to receiving adoption papers for Christmas.

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  • A gift Sarah and Michael Perks gave their three foster children last Christmas might make you want to examine each present closely before determining its worth.

  • Why's that?

  • What looked like just a small box intended for the children turned out to hold their formal adoption papers. The Perks received the papers days before Christmas, deciding it was the perfect gift, the video indicated.

  • "You're one of us now," one of the Perks' children tells her new siblings.

  • Eun Kyung Kim wrote for Today that the couple recorded the moment to share with family last year. However, it started to garner views on social media this month after Facebook asked the couple if they could share it.

  • In the clip, Corbin, 13, exhibits much emotion, and Sarah Perks told Today why it moved him so much.

  • "He had been asking all year when it would be final, and when can he change his name to Perks at school, when could he say he wasn't in foster care anymore," Today quoted her as saying. "I knew it would be emotional for him, and that made us so happy to give them to him on such a special day."

  • Char Adams wrote for People the lead-up to the adoption of Corbin, Kierra, 8, and Damien, 4, took years, making the moment perfect for Christmas.

  • "It was really, really emotional for everybody," Michael Perks told People. "Everybody was hugging and kissing, smiles all around."

  • Reports show 114,556 U.S. children in the foster care system are waiting for adoption, Isaac Saul wrote for A Plus. Visiting AdoptUsKids can show people how they can start to help.

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