5 Instagram grandmas who will absolutely delight you

Watch out -- these ladies put the "gram" in Instagram.

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  • While many young people have turned to Instagram to escape the invasion of older generations on facebook, it seems there's still some older folk who are hip enough to Instagram it up. Here's a few ladies who cultivate their presence on Instagram with utterly delightful results:

  • Dee Goldberg

  • Believe me, there aren't enough words in the English language to describe this fashonista grandma. Her outfits may have you asking, "Did she actually leave the house like that?!" — but not in a bad way.

  • #Pom-poms deluxe #advancedstyle

    A photo posted by Dee Goldberg (@deeegoldie) on

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  • Grandma Betty

  • Although she passed away over a year ago, this sweet lady's Instagram account is still maintained by family members in order for her photos to continue to bring positivity to her followers.

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  • Baddie Winkle

  • Declining age ain't gon' stop this lady from doing anything. She's such a cool Instagrammer, she's practically a celebrity.

  • thinking of @mileycyrus today!!! happy birthday ❤️💛💚💙💜

    A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on

  • Jean & Valerie

  • These cool cats take fashion to another level. Looking at their photos you'll realize you've been shown up big time.

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  • Mimi Peguine

  • Lover of art and cooking, this Tel Aviv resident posts stunning photos.

  • My pride.My cacti(wikipedia- mammillaria) with all the new of. this year !!!🌵

    A photo posted by Mimi Peguine (@mimipeguine) on

  • BONUS: InstaGrampa Rex Redstone

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  • It's hard to be sure, but Rex Redstone may be the oldest person Instagramming. He posts both current selfies and beautiful photos from his past.

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