10 chick flicks your man will actually watch with you

Your man won't be caught dead watching a rom-com? Think again.

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  • You may be asking: Who are you to write an article about what chick flicks men like? Aren't you a woman? Don't you only have sisters? And isn't your father a fan of all chick flicks?

  • Thank you for asking those strangely well-informed questions.

  • And yes, those all are true.

  • However, these two things are also true.

  • First of all, I'm very well-read on the chick flick movie scene so there's no questioning my expertise in the land of romantic comedies.

  • Second, believe it or not, I do know a few fellas. I've even coerced some of them to watch sappy, romantic movies. Also, in preparation for this article, I conducted a highly scientific (that may be stretching it) facebook survey, as well as asked men directly for their input. So this information comes directly from authoritative sources.

  • Hitch

  • As one of the few romantic comedies told from the guy's perspective, 'Hitch' is a great go-to for a chick flick the both of you will love.

  • For the gals: Hilarious grand romantic gestures gone wrong.

  • For the guys: Action-star Will Smith teaching men everywhere how to rock at dating.

  • (500) Days of Summer

  • A borderline anti-chick flick, this artsy movie told non-linearly is a favorite of many men.

  • For the gals: a full-blown dance number.

  • For the guys: rom-com reality check.

  • The Princess Bride

  • This easily quotable classic has pretty much everything you want from a chick flick with all the excitement of an action movie.

  • For the gals: "a kissing book."

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  • For the guys: pirates, monsters, sword-fighting.

  • Austenland

  • For any guy who knows a girl obsessed with Jane Austen, this movie is a great pick. It's too much a parody of Regency romance to take itself seriously.

  • For the gals: period romance.

  • For the guys: a hilarious spoof of everything Austen.

  • Dan in Real Life

  • Another chick flick that is from a man's perspective instead of a woman's, 'Dan in Real Life' is a movie about a single father who falls in love with his brother's girl.

  • For the gals: guitar playing hotness.

  • For the guys: Steve Carrell nailing the comedy.

  • While You Were Sleeping

  • Because this early Sandra Bullock movie is about a family who mistakenly believes their comatose son is engaged to the woman who saved his life, there's more of a focus on the comedy than the romance.

  • For the gals: lots of "leaning".

  • For the guys: a goofy family.

  • 50 First Dates

  • If you're man is a fan of Sandler-esque comedy, the fact that this one is romantic won't deter him.

  • For the gals: he has to woo her all over again every day (how cute is that?).

  • For the guys: an Adam Sandler comedy.

  • The Proposal

  • I'm sorry, this movie is just plain hilarious. If your man can't see that, who is he?

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  • For the gals: Ryan Reynolds.

  • For the guys: Sandra Bullock.

  • You've Got Mail

  • I'm not absolutely sure what the male (or 'mail') appeal is here but I guess guys just have good taste because you can't go wrong with this 'Shop Around the Corner' modernization.

  • For the gals: Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks at their best.

  • For the guys: Godfather references.

  • A Walk to Remember

  • I was definitely reluctant to include this one on the list. I mean, it's got all the cheese of nachos and all the sappiness of maple syrup. But the men have spoken, and for some reason, they like this one.

  • For the gals: Kleenex worthy.

  • For the guys: who knows?

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