20 hilarious Christmas fails you should’ve seen coming

Be sure to avoid these should've-seen-them-coming Christmas fails this year.

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  • Every Christmas, something is bound to happen that will leave you kicking yourself and wondering, "There must be an easier way."

  • To save yourself some grief this holiday season, take advantage of learning from other people's hilarious Christmas failures:

  • 1. Decide which holiday you want to celebrate

  • 2. Cherish the little moments with your children

  • 3. Make sure you check the right box

  • 4. Dogs can reach farther than you think

  • Mr grinch #Christmasisruined #dogster #dogsofinstagram #holidayfail #doggy #monster

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  • 5. They all look similar

  • 6. Spell check

  • #Repost from @tipoapp

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  • 7. Marshmallows are a lot like snowmen

  • #Christmas #reality #holidayfail

    A photo posted by 🖕🏻Leena 🇲🇦 (@dejackulate) on

  • 8. Practice makes perfect

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  • 9. Don't try something new on a tight deadline

  • A little laugh for the day! #pinterestfail #holidayfail #sugarcookies

    A photo posted by Laura (@laurastahli) on

  • 10. Always buy enough

  • #holidayfail Back to Target #smh 😖

    A photo posted by Ava Setzer (@ava.flave) on

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  • 11. Inflatables can pop

  • #holidayfail #bahumbug #bestoftheworst #snowman #partyfowl #brooklyn #newyork #usa

    A photo posted by Sarah Stacke (@sarah_stacke) on

  • 12. Prepare for casualties

  • The first casualty of the season. #BulbDown #ChrsitmasAlready #DecorationFail #HolidayFail #ATX

    A photo posted by Brandi Bhamani (@redhead_in_love) on

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  • 13. Don't buy fruit online

  • 14. Don't get stuck

  • #holidayfail

    A photo posted by Jaison_G (@farmer_and_the_painter) on

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  • 15. Always check your work

  • Flatiron #HolidayFail

    A photo posted by Jacob Osterhout (@josterhout) on

  • 16. Don't forget to double-check

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  • 17. Prepare for all natural disasters

  • 18. Use no more than two, please!

  • 19. Christmas trees look like giant cat toys

  • 20. Remember to buy extras

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