8 families who nailed their minivan window stickers

Whether you love or hate stick figure families, you'll get a kick out of the way these 8 families chose to personalize their vehicles.

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  • Love them or hate them, you haven't escape glimpsing a stick figure family grinning from the back of a minivan on your morning commute. But you may not have seen these 10 families:

  • 1. The cat lady

  • Hahaha I found crazy cat lady's car! #crazycatlady #car #cat #stickfigurefamily #catlover #cardecal #youcanneverhavetoomanycats

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  • 2. May the force be with this family

  • #Vancouver #HotCar #Decals #Stickers #StickFigureFamily #StarWars #DarthVader #PrincessLeia #LukeSkywalker #Yoda #Ewoks

    A photo posted by Tyler Whiteman-Plourde (@xpectin2wakeup) on

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  • 3. Dinosaur lovers (and people haters)

  • #Trex #stickfigurefam

    A photo posted by Zarahí (@little_gender) on

  • 4. How to use your car to get a date

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  • 5. Is this even real?

  • 6. The family fued

  • Quite the Holy War going on here... #byuvsuofu #onlyinutah #stickfigurefamily

    A photo posted by @stickfigurefamily on

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  • 7. Better than a Facebook status update

  • Look who lost a bet #single #familystickers #1month

    A photo posted by Jessica Blumberg (@jessicabberg) on

  • 8. And this family

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  • While some families use stick figure decals to indicate the amount of people who could be on board in the event of an accident, police are saying that these cute stick figures could actually be harmful. The things you use to personalize your car could be the information criminals need to target your family. So use caution when sticking these sticks on your car.

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