This couple had their dog be the videographer for their wedding

Because you don't have to be a human to appreciate love.

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  • When your dog is part of the family, it only seems natural to include her in the wedding party. At least that's what Addie and Marshall Burnette decided.

  • The couple got married on top of Roan Mountain, Tennessee with their dog, Ryder, as their videographer. In the description of the video, Marshall explained, "Our dog, Ryder, insisted on filming the wedding video, so we let her do her thing. She took awhile to edit the footage, but we think she did a great job."

  • We think she did too. Watch this sweet video of Addie and Marshall's special day - from the viewpoint of their Siberian Husky, Ryder.

  • All you dog lovers out there, did (or would) you include your puppy in your wedding?

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