10 texts to send your lady right now to make her feel amazing

You can make the woman in your life feel spectacular in 60 seconds or less.

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  • Ask for feedback

  • She'll appreciate knowing that you're trying to be your best and that you respect her.

  • Something you love about her

  • Your lady has so many great qualities. Point out something that you admire about her.

  • Let her know you notice her

  • Sometimes women feel unseen. Make sure she knows you pay attention and care about how she's feeling.

  • Tell her she's beautiful

  • It never hurts to remind her that you think she's attractive.

  • Offer a helping hand

  • You two are wearing matching jerseys; you're on the same team! Remind your lady that you are here to support her.

  • Value your relationship

  • Let her know that no matter what's happened or what will happen, you believe in your relationship.

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  • Give her something to look forward to

  • You can transform her day by giving her something special to anticipate.

  • A memory

  • Extra points for remembering a small anniversary (like the day of your first date), or including an inside joke.

  • Tell her she's on your mind

  • Most couples spend a lot of the day apart. Let her know that she's always in your thoughts.

  • Say thanks

  • Don't take her for granted. Let her know that you appreciate even the small things she does for you.

  • For more simple ideas on keeping love alive, check out this tender video:

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