3 signs you're in love with your sin

When you are in love with sin, it's slippery slope to dangers that you now find difficult to realize. Do you have the 3 warning signs of being in love with sin?

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  • Some love affairs begin passionately. Others start with more subtlety. However, when you are in love with sin, there's a constant slipping down a dangerous slope. Even when we are vigilant against evil, we cannot choose good if we not self-aware of our choices. If we are choosing to flirt with danger, you might quickly find yourself indulging in sin. Do these three warning signs of being in love with sin sound familiar to you?

  • Secrecy

  • Hiding our behavior is a form of lying; it's a way of protecting bad behavior. Engaging in sin secretly when we are alone, or declining to discuss it with those around us who could help is a way of giving sin permission to grow in power against us. Darkness destroys resolve and secrecy silences cries for help. Secrecy causes sin to grow.

  • Justification

  • When we justify just a little sin or tell ourselves "just this once", we are helping sin find ways to feel more comfortable and more routine in our lives. Justification gives the illusion that sin is not impacting our life. Making excuses is a form of denial, and rationalizing why we did something does not make it okay that we did it. Bending the rules or changing laws doesn't make sin okay. There will be consequences to your actions if you continue to justify sin.

  • Apathy

  • Once we are entangled in sin, we may no longer care that we we are doing is wrong. Deep down, we know that we should stop, but we don't. We've fallen too far down sin's slippery slope. We may be defiant against accusations, attempting to disengage from those who try to tell us the truth. We may claim offense or disinterest, or perceive others as against us instead of being against the sin destroying us. When we no longer care that we have been swept away by sin, we will no longer try to escape it.

  • Sin is slippery. We might not realize we've been sucked into its dangers. We may think we can still control ourselves, or that our sin isn't so bad, or even that it doesn't matter what we do. These signs of being in love with sin will make it harder to turn from it, to get out, or to turn away. Keep a watchful eye to ensure you don't fall into sin's sneaky grasp.

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Emily Christensen lives with her husband in Oklahoma. Her Ph.D. is in marriage and family therapy and she is pursuing a second degree in Hebrew and Jewish studies.

Website: http://www.housewifeclass.com

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