13 characteristics of irresistible people: Are you one of them?

You know the person having all the fun, getting all the friend requests and compelling you to them. Are you one of these people? If not, is it possible to become irresistible?

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  • We all know that one person everyone loves to be around. They seem to have a magnetism attracting people to them. This person is the life of the party, shoulder to cry on and Miss Congeniality rolled into one super human.

  • What is it about these people that seem to be irresistible? Are you one of them? See if you have any of these 13 characteristics:

  • 1. They listen

  • The irresistible person is willing to lend an ear. They act like what they're being told is important; whether it is or not. Most people want to be heard more than they want to listen.

  • 2. They ask questions

  • Nobody wants to be with someone that talks about themselves all the time. The irresistible person asks questions; thought provoking questions, that show a genuine interest in others.

  • 3. They are fun

  • This person makes mundane tasks seem exciting. They have a talent for making root canals, broke down cars, or taxes seem bearable. They not only bring fun to parties, but to the office, school and home.

  • 4. They give compliments

  • Nobody can resist flattery. Irresistible friends notice our new shoes or leave a sweet comment on a Facebook post. They also point out beautiful things around them about others.

  • 5. They are genuine

  • They don't give generic compliments or ask unimportant questions. This person is 100% authentic.

  • They allow people to see their true personality. In turn, others feel comfortable being themselves around them. They embrace their life choices and are content. Most of all, they are sincere in all they do and say.

  • 6. They use body language

  • Eye contact, smiling, a gentle touch on the arm, or a nice warm hug are all things the irresistible person does to make others feel comfortable. This body language makes people feel like they really care.

  • 7. They are relaxed

  • They have a calm presence; they have a way of making stressful moments feel peaceful. Even standing in a busy checkout line, they are smiling at everyone around them helping others feel at ease.

  • 8. They show empathy

  • They identify with others' feelings. They understand, or try to relate, to others' thoughts and experiences. They never put people down and seem to have compassion towards everyone.

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  • 9. They are positive

  • The irresistible person doesn't complain. They see the positive in every situation. They are glass half-full optimists. They want the people around them to feel better about their circumstances. They always leave others feeling happy.

  • 10. They are charismatic

  • Irresistible people are charming, inspiring and uplifting in all they do and say. Their outgoing personality attracts people to them.

  • 11. They exude confidence

  • They instill trust in their associates. They are not arrogant, but have a quiet confidence compelling people to feel safe and comfortable in their presence.

  • 12. They are relatable

  • They make people feel united; practically the same person. They find a way to make others interests their own. They know how to engage the conversation to find common ground.

  • 13. They are adaptable

  • The irresistible person has the ability to show up to any situation and acclimate themselves quickly to the needs of everyone around. They can burn bread, forget to bring a gift to a party or miss a meeting at work, but still modify the situation to make it seem like that was their plan all along.

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