He was being eaten by a great white shark, but then this miracle happened

Surfer Todd Endris was in the jaws of a great white shark, but what happened proves God still performs miracles.

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  • Sometimes it feels like God isn't as close as He was in the past. The Bible chronicles times when God cared for his children in astonishing ways such as opening a sea to help believers escape or stopping a storming ocean threatening to capsize a boat of fishermen. These remarkable events can seem like stories from long ago instead of characterizations of a God who loves His children and cares for them in miraculous ways.

  • However, representations of an all-powerful being protecting His children is exactly what these Bible miracles are. And God does not change. He continues to love and care for His children. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If He performed miracles in the past, He will still perform them today. These miracles only depend on our willingness to have the faith to see them.

  • This story of a man saved from the jaws of a great white shark is an example of a modern miracle performed by a loving Heavenly Father.

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