A flower girl and ring bearer just got married 17 years after their first walk down the aisle

Sometimes your childhood crush ends up loving you back.

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  • Seventeen years ago, five-year-old Brooke walked down the aisle with her crush, Adrian, as a flower girl and ring bearer. This past September, these two walked down the same aisle together again, but this time as husband and wife.

  • For Brooke, it was love at first site. For Adrian… not so much. Brooke was outgoing, and for shy Adrian, that was overwhelming. When he found out he was going to be the ring bearer at a family friend’s wedding, and Brooke was going to be the flower girl, he was less than enthused.

  • “I was devastated. I was like, ‘Tell me I don’t have to walk down the aisle with her!'” Adrian told WBTV.

  • But years later, Adrian noticed Brook’s laugh at a church trip and asked her out four years later. They fell in love, got engaged last November, and on September 19, they tied the knot in the same chapel where Brooke first fell in love with Adrian those many years ago.

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