7 subtle signs he is cheating on you

Worried that he is being unfaithful? Here are 7 red flags to look out for.

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  • People step into a counselor's office for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a loved one passed and a person needs help with grieving process or a child has started causing issues in the family, and parents need some type of guidance.

  • However, marital issues are some of the more common reasons people reach out to a counselor.

  • Many therapists find that simply paying attention to certain signs can let them know a lot about the relationship they are trying to help out. You might not be a licensed therapist, but doing the same can clue you in on a secret or two.

  • Is there behavior you question, but you don't give it too much thought? If you've ever wondered what you should pay attention to in your relationship, here are 7 behaviors that deserve your attention. These could be signs that your significant other is in another relationship he isn't telling you about.

  • He keeps everything private

  • Online secrets

  • If you have been together for more than a year and social media or email are still things you aren't allowed to look at, that's something to worry about. It's not enough to simply say, "I need my privacy." This behavior signals a big trust issue in the relationship. Why doesn't he trust you to look at these accounts?

  • His phone is off limits

  • If you are out with your honey and he takes his phone with him everywhere and never lets you see it or ever use it, ask yourself why he's acting this way. Is he hiding something?

  • Taking private calls

  • Not every phone call has to be taken in secret. There are some phone calls that might be work-related and need quiet and privacy, but if he always leaves to take a call, that's not normal. Why does he need to have a private conversation with a so-called guy friend? Why is he having private conversations so early in the morning or so late at night?

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  • Odd behavior

  • No consistent work schedule

  • There isn't a job that has a work schedule so inconsistent that he can't talk about it. If you ask about a schedule and he can't define set times and hours, this could be very concerning. If you don't even know where he works, this could also be a problem. He could be trying to balance time with someone else by being very vague about things with you. Giving you specific work schedules and locations puts him in a box he doesn't want to be in.

  • Old girlfriends

  • If you find that your significant other doesn't want to do away with pictures of and contact with former flames, that's a big red flag. No excuse validates the need to stay in touch with past relationships if you are happy in your current relationship.

  • He isolates you

  • Control

  • Does he try to keep you away from supportive people or speak poorly of your friends and family? If you don't have friends or family for support, it will be more difficult to confront the issue. He thinks you won't leave if you have nowhere to go for support.

  • He calls you crazy

  • When you suspect something is going on, your husband often will make an attempt to show how you are the crazy one for even thinking he is doing something inappropriate. You begin to question yourself, and if he's especially persuasive, you actually think he may be right.

  • If you have noticed some of these issues coming up consistently in your relationship, pay attention. It could be a sign there are secrets in your relationship he's trying to hide. If you find that you are in a relationship with a cheater, it's heartbreaking; the feelings can be overwhelming, but there is help and support for you.

  • In addition to your family and friends, Bloom provides an online support community you need. Bloom is a resource of support and education for women working to recover from betrayal and broken relationships. Get answers from experts, connect with women like you, and begin the healing process today. Click here to watch the video.

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