After a jump that should’ve killed him, this man finally discovered a life worth living

After six years of unsuccessful rehab, he finally had the spiritual awakening he needed to pull his life back together.

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  • "I don't know how else to explain it," he said. "I guess I jumped."

  • It was ultimately overdosing on his drug of choice that was the tipping point.

  • Even knowing full-well that he wouldn't be able to handle it, Erik (name witheld) took it anyway. Within seconds, he blacked out on the floor. The aftermath was a blur of details he can't remember, that ultimately led him to a third-story balcony.

  • And then he jumped.

  • Erik woke up in the hospital with a shattered pelvis and several broken arm bones. In the months following, he had to learn to walk again and (to date) has had six procedures to repair his nose and amassed over a half-a-million dollars in medical expenses.

  • After attending addiction recovery meetings off and on for six years previous to his jump, Erik finally hit rock bottom. Although he never took them seriously before, he decided to change.

  • "There was a point when I felt that I was totally alone and that I could never be forgiven," he said. "As I went consistently, I found that my life started to fall into place."

  • The addiction recovery meetings focused largely on a program called, "12 Steps to Change." Erik says he's realized how important the these steps are to overcoming his addiction, and he attends meetings every week.

  • "The twelve steps helped me focus on the fact that not only am I an addict; I am a son of God," Erik remarked.

  • In addition to attending the meetings, he also faciliates them as well. He works to be in a good place, so he can reach those who are struggling and let them know they are not alone and can be forgiven. He said this knowledge was difficult to accept but, when he did, it changed everything.

  • "That is why it is so important for me to share this knowledge with others through service," Erik said.

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  • Erik's story is part of the Mormon Channel's "12 Steps to Change" video series Learn how to help others you might know with similar challenges at

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