54 inexpensive date ideas for any type of couple

Need something new to do with your spouse? Here are 54 dates ideas to help keep boredom at bay.

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  • Dating, as much as you can, is important for a relationship. It is quality time with that person doing something fun or enjoyable together. My parents went on dates a lot when I was growing up and I think it's one of the reasons they are still married more than 30 years later.

  • Here are some inexpensive date ideas I want to share. I tried to include different date ideas for all types of couples. Hopefully, you will find an idea or two for an inexpensive date in the future.

  • 1. Movie night at home

  • Rent a movie or watch one you have already. Make some popcorn and cuddle up together and watch a movie or two.

  • 2. Have a Netflix night at home

  • Same as movie night except you binge watch some Netflix together. We have this kind of date a lot. Snuggle up on the couch or in bed and watch something you both enjoy.

  • 3. Pick up ingredients for a favorite meal from the grocery store and come home and make dinner together.

  • 4. Work on a project together

  • Maybe something needs to be painted or put together. Spend time doing it together and make it fun, then grab something to eat.

  • 5. Try lunch dates versus dinner dates for a lower price

  • 6. Go to the movies

  • It can be expensive but if you are able to go to a matinee, that saves a lot of money. We go to matinees a lot and then usually share a drink. Going in the day versus the night can cut the price in half.

  • 7. If you go out to eat, try to choose a cafe or something that is less expensive than a fancy restaurant.

  • 8. Go on a walk or a hike together

  • if that is the type of thing you both enjoy. Find somewhere pretty to walk around and do it together.

  • 9. Check your city for local concerts or events that may be inexpensive

  • 10. Make it a game night

  • Break out a board game and play a game together.

  • 11. Have a video game competition

  • This one my husband would love for us to do. Play a Wii, X-box or a PlayStation game.

  • 12. Go on a drive together

  • It won't be free since gas is still rather expensive but sometimes it's nice to go on a drive. My husband and I always have nice talks on a car ride.

  • 13. Have a spa day at home

  • Take a bath together if you have a large enough tub, give each other back massages with oil or lotion. Very romantic and relaxing date.

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  • 14. Go get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop together

  • 15 . Take a tour of a nearby landmark

  • You both could learn something about a place together.

  • 16. Go walk around Ikea or another home furnishing store together and imagine how you would decorate a home.

  • 17. Look through old photos or videos together

  • This is especially fun if you've been together a long time and when you have a child. You can see how much things change.

  • 18. Take a class together

  • Dancing, art, cooking something.

  • 19. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt

  • 20. Paint your own pottery

  • 21. Have a "Make Your Own Pizza Night."

  • Get creative with your toppings.

  • 22. Take a visit to the zoo

  • 23. Go rollerblading

  • 24. Go on a picnic

  • 25. Go wine tasting

  • 26. Get up, make breakfast and have breakfast in bed together

  • 27. Go miniature golfing

  • 28. Build a fire and make s'mores together outside

  • 29. Go camping

  • 30. Go bowling

  • 31. Go to a book store and go find a book that you think the other would like

  • Then, if you want, buy them and take them home. Sometimes it's fun just to see what your partner would choose for you.

  • 32. Go find open houses to check out

  • Just for fun.

  • 33. Go see a local play together

  • Usually schools or smaller companies put on plays that are relatively inexpensive.

  • 34. Go to the beach

  • We live close to one and it's fun just to walk along the beach or the pier.

  • 35. Watch a sunrise or sunset together

  • 36. Go Kayaking

  • 37. Play pool together

  • 38. Make ice cream sundaes at home and enjoy

  • 39. Have a water gun or nerf gun fight

  • 40. Go to an arcade

  • 41. Take your dog on a walk together

  • 42. Bake cookies together

  • 43. Make a bucket list together of things you want to do in your relationship

  • 44. Go to a high school sports game together. (baseball, football,etc.)

  • 45. Go play at the park

  • 46. Read a book out loud together, each taking turns reading

  • 47. Take a blanket outside and lay down and look at the stars

  • 48. Try out a new place to eat

  • 49. If you like a restaurant that is pricey, just go get drinks and dessert

  • A lot cheaper but still can be a fun night out.

  • 50. Play 20 questions

  • Come up with a list of 20 questions to ask each other.

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  • 51. Go indoor rock climbing

  • 52. Go swimming or in a hot tub

  • 53. Go fruit picking

  • 54. Visit a nearby city or town and play tourists

  • I hope this gives you some fun new inexpensive date ideas. I tried to include outdoor ideas, indoor ideas, sporty ideas, food ideas, etc., to give everyone some new choices since we all wouldn't enjoy the same type of date.

  • Editor's note: This article was originally published on Karissa Ancell's blog, A Fresh Start. It has been modified and republished here with permission.

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