21 hilarious moments that (unfortunately) every single woman can relate to

It's great. Really.

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  • Being single has definitley has major perks, but along with all the great things, there are a few fundamental things it seems anyone who is single for any amount of time will experience eventually.

  • These hilarious posts sum it up beautifully:

  • 1. A typical movie night

  • 2. Oh, the anticipation

  • 3. Your life goals go a little under appreciated

  • 4. That time old question

  • 5. Permanent third wheel

  • 6. Scrolling through Facebook be like

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  • 7. Is that what that means?

  • 8. Average weekends

  • 9. Fridge dΓ©cor

  • Finally counted these and I think I win... #17andcounting #yearofweddings #keepemcoming

    A photo posted by Alyssa White (@alyssawhitem) on

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  • 10. Keeping a healthy lifestyle

  • 11. Photo bombs just end up being third-wheel call outs

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  • 12. Missing some affection

  • 13. Real holiday cheer

  • 14. Abnormal amounts of bonding time with mom and dad

  • 15. Your few single (cooler) (richer) friends

  • Just went on the coolest trip of my life! Turns out dreams do come true, if you make them.

    A photo posted by Alyssa White (@alyssawhitem) on

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  • 16. BFF

  • 17. Keeping a positive outlook

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  • 18. "No, really, I'm very happy for you"

  • 19. It's your turn to pick the movie...again

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  • 20. If ice cream could speak

  • 21. "You're single and they're single!"

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